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Kamille McCollum has always been invested in meeting people where they are and helping push them to be the best version of themselves. From her background in social work, to her eye for opportunity and desire to turn her passion for fitness into her career, Kamille went all-in on her family’s first BODYBAR Pilates franchise […]

Franchising & Family with Kamille McCollum

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For sisters Farrah Haidar and Hala Yassine, building a family business comes with clear parameters that keep both the business and their sibling relationship at their best. From their cafe in Johns Creek, Georgia, these savvy sisters whip up sweet, savory, and seasonal treats to ship from Seven Sisters Scones. We’re talking about how the […]

Building This Business is a Family Affair with Farrah Haidar & Hala Yassine

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We are off to Springdale, Arkansas where Judith Yáñez is elevating parent power at her nonprofit organization, RootED Northwest Arkansas. Aiming to raise every parent’s voice in their child’s education, RootED draws on Judith’s lived experience and honors her family legacy by walking alongside families navigating vulnerability and advocating for the best for their students. […]

When Education Alone is Not Enough with Judith Yáñez

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Today, we venture to Denver, Colorado to speak with Marisol Solarte-Erlacher of Marisol Solarte-Erlacher & Associates about overcoming trauma and building resilience. Marisol is a practicing therapist, educator, corporate consultant, board member of the EMDR International Association, and a well-respected member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. We’re talking about everything from the challenges […]

Becky Warriner of The Alchemy Salon joins us on Episode 21 of the podcast to talk about her years of experience working in the salon industry and what it has been like to make the leap and venture out on her own. We’re talking about putting in the work, paying your dues, committing to ongoing […]

Episode 21: Becky Warriner of The Alchemy Salon

Podcast Episodes

We’re excited to be twenty episodes into the podcast and we are celebrating by taking a breather with Jessica Gershman, The Zen Mommy! Jess is sharing how focusing on her breath, utilizing momentary pause, and incorporating different forms of self-care has helped her overcome big trauma and everyday challenges. This isn’t a snap your fingers […]

Episode 20: Jessica Gershman of The Zen Mommy

Podcast Episodes

When the pandemic hit, the meeting industry was one that screeched to a halt. Maria Ramos, founder of Innovative Meetings joins us on Episode 19 of the podcast to talk about the initial signs that something big was about to change, how quickly her clients felt the impacts, and what it looked like inside the […]

On Episode 17, Alexis Ofchinick of Amici Mullica Hill tells us how she is making – or baking – the world a sweeter place! We talk about having the confidence in yourself to stop playing small, betting on and building your team, and pursing your dreams and giving back in the midst of personal challenges […]

Episode 17: Alexis Ofchinick of Amici Mullica Hill

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