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As entrepreneurs and executives, we are always thinking about our customers! But are we truly considering each customer’s journey to us? Are we mapping out our interactions with our key market segments and being intentional about our touchpoints? Amanda Read is back with us to talk about how she leverages the marketing staircase and how […]

Customer Journeys with Amanda Read

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From corporate to consulting and back, Laura Crossley has been committed to leveraging communication to move projects from concept to completion. Along the way, she’s taken on Mount Everest and had two children, one on each side of the pandemic. The values she has formed throughout her personal and professional journeys have shaped her work […]

From Concept to Completion with Laura Crossley

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After working as a certified massage therapist for years, the COVID-19 pandemic brought Julie Deem’s practice to a halt. Being in the business of physical contact when distancing was encouraged wasn’t exactly a good situation. Julie knew she needed to pivot and she got to work considering her next move. Hear how her own podcasting […]

Leveraging Audio to Build Authority with Julie Deem of The Business Podcast Editor


In 2009, Danielle Meadows-Stinnett launched her business from a 500 sq. ft. apartment with a toddler and a baby on the way. Since then, Octane Design Studios in Lexington, Kentucky has worked on more than 100 brands and Danielle has become a force in both marketing and community connection. Her popular podcast and frequent hashtag, […]

From hobby writer to self-taught email marketing expert, Ashley DeLuca of Ashley K DeLuca Consulting joins us for Episode 22 of the podcast. We are talking about leveraging our natural talents, relentlessly pursuing knowledge – shout out to our local libraries! – and building authentic and engaging customer relationships using a medium where business owners […]

Episode 22: Ashley DeLuca of Ashley K DeLuca Consulting

Podcast Episodes

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