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A weekly podcast that's focused on building businesses — think Main Street not Wall Street.

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We totally get real. Our conversations are honest and vulnerable and all about the reality of navigating the ups and downs of the shuffle.

we get really really real.

We take a casual approaching to interviewing that allows you to listen in on a conversation between two new (or old) friends.

it's like chatting with a girlfriend

We talk about our journeys, ambitions, the businesses we have built, and the families we are raising. Whole people the whole time.

not your average business podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

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"Great podcast. I just love hearing the uplifting of other women and being real about some of the struggles that moms and entrepreneurs face. It's amazing to hear these stories and it encourages me to continue on my path."

"Even though I don't own a business myself,
I can relate to all things working mom that these women share."

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As entrepreneurs and executives, we are always thinking about our customers! But are we truly considering each customer’s journey to us? Are we mapping out our interactions with our key market segments and being intentional about our touchpoints? Amanda Read is back with us to talk about how she leverages the marketing staircase and how […]

Customer Journeys with Amanda Read

Andrea Merrill of Virtually Adventurous joins us for this month’s business theme of Marketing Channels. Managing your customer POS can be overwhelming, but if you begin to understand human psychology behind buying behaviors, you can start to determine which channels are important for your business and deserve your time, effort and investment.

When Psychology Meets Marketing with Andrea Merrill

How can understanding your audience and narrowing in on key segments help you market and build your business? Holly Haynes of Crush the Rush joins us to talk about the benefits that refining your customer strategy can have on your productivity and ROI.  

Understanding Your Customers with Holly Haynes

Branding expert Kelly Wittman is back to help us kickoff season 3! Listen in on our discussion about being intentional when building your personal brand.

Building Your Brand with Kelly Wittman

What kind of content are we working on for Season 3 of The Mom Shuffle podcast? Listen in to Colleen and Melissa chat about it to find out!

Teasin’ a New Season with Colleen & Melissa

Vicki Dunn Marshall started working as a crew member in a Little Caesars restaurant at the age of 15, working her way up to become one of the first female supervisors for Little Caesars’ corporate office, and the first female in franchise sales. Today she is the CEO of her own VDM Management Group, which […]

Big Business, Bigger Impact with Vicki Dunn-Marshall & Carissa Marshall

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With more than 20 years of experience crafting and implementing strategies in marketing, management, and communications with small businesses, large corporations, healthcare organizations, and some of the nation’s largest nonprofits, Colleen has a proven track record of growth and positive transformation in a variety of industries. She thrives on building collaborative relationships and caring about your business as if it were her own.  

DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION · marketing professor · entrepreneur · speaker · podcast host · UNRELENTING OPTIMIST

Thrilled to help these ladies share their stories!

colleen kendrick, dba, fache

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The mom shuffle podcast is edited and produced by ryan bussell, featuring music from epidemic sound.

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