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Branding expert Kelly Wittman is back to help us kickoff season 3! Listen in on our discussion about being intentional when building your personal brand.

Building Your Brand with Kelly Wittman

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What kind of content are we working on for Season 3 of The Mom Shuffle podcast? Listen in to Colleen and Melissa chat about it to find out!

Teasin’ a New Season with Colleen & Melissa

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Vicki Dunn Marshall started working as a crew member in a Little Caesars restaurant at the age of 15, working her way up to become one of the first female supervisors for Little Caesars’ corporate office, and the first female in franchise sales. Today she is the CEO of her own VDM Management Group, which […]

Big Business, Bigger Impact with Vicki Dunn-Marshall & Carissa Marshall

Podcast Episodes

Chelsey Strand has made it her life’s mission to make a positive impact. As a social worker, she supports children as they navigate their diagnoses, anxiety, and depression; as a co-founder of the nonprofit Box of Balloons in Fargo, North Dakota, she is fortunate to give back by helping children in need feel seen and […]

Have you ever worked a really long day and arrived home dreading the dinnertime to-dos? Yep, us too. Well, Kyla Hanaway-Quinlan and her team at Feast & Fettle are on a mission to make sure that you can unwind, relax and enjoy the dinnertime you deserve. Recognizing an opportunity to fill the gap and restore […]

The Dinnertime You Deserve with Kyla Hanaway-Quinlan

Podcast Episodes

An early adopter of Etsy before pivoting into a brick-and-mortar business and opening KIN, a modern mystical shop to Des Moines, Heather Ann Roe has followed her dreams, taken some risks, and encountered her fair share of challenges on her entrepreneurship journey. Listen in to learn how she built a business that invites people into […]

Modern Mysticism with Heather Ann Roe

Podcast Episodes

Susan Wos has spent nearly three decades working in various capacities in the salon world. From senior hair stylist, salon owner and manager, to independent stylist and consultant— her personal experiences, challenges and successes fueled her passion for revolutionizing employment for businesses in the industry with the launch of Enlightened Hire. Founded with a connective […]

How is Dr. Miranda Lawrence leaning into her medical training and her personal health experiences to build the future of functional medicine? Listen in on this week’s episode to learn how she has expanded her Flourish Hormone Replacement & Wellness Centers practice to three locations across the Eastern US, focusing on bio-identical hormone replacement and […]

Building the Future of Functional Medicine with Dr. Miranda Lawrence

Podcast Episodes

Single mothers and their children experience the highest rates of poverty among families in Wyoming. That’s why Molly Kruger and her team spend their days helping single mothers with low income achieve self-sufficiency through career training and placement. As the COO at Climb Wyoming, a nonprofit founded in 1986 which operates in six locations across […]

Creating Confidence & Self-Sufficiency with Molly Kruger

Podcast Episodes

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