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Gig economy, side hustle, the current economic climate is constantly evolving and ripe with opportunity and portals of entry.  To understand where we are today and how we got here, a quick (very quick) lesson.  The “Gig Economy” developed during the global financial crisis as a result of full-time employment opportunities being scarce. Workers, particularly […]

A Working Mom’s Guide to the Side Hustle

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What exactly is an authority brand? What does one look like? And how can you leverage your own brand as you scale your business? Steph Weber of The Weber Co. joins us on this special deep dive episode of the podcast to break it all down on how you can build your brand up!

Building an Authority Brand with Steph Weber

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At this point, we have all heard the term The Great Resignation and read the statistics on the number of workers leaving the workforce in droves AND how that has disproportionately impacted women.  As a reformed corporate human resources professional, as well as an individual who found herself unexpectedly a job seeker, I want to […]

Designing your New Path in The Great Resignation: One Mom’s Story About How She Manifested Exactly the Life She Wanted

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As we roll into 2022, a little wary, a lot fatigued, a bit still in disbelief that it feels like 2020 on repeat, we want to pose a different kind of New Year Challenge. We’re not talking about dieting, or exercising, or meal planning, or getting more sleep, or managing your email inbox to the […]

A guest post from Catherine Ashton of Giant Squid Group who was featured on episode 9 of The Mom Shuffle podcast. Catch up with her episode here.     If you use or support any local nonprofits, you know the call to action: use AmazonSmile when you shop online and a portion of your […]

AmazonSmile is Not a Fundraising Campaign


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a big impact on small businesses. So, if you find yourself scrolling social media channels today, spend a few minutes to build up your favorite small businesses in your community:   1. Head over to their Facebook page or Instagram profile and give it a follow if you haven’t […]

Using Social Media to Support Small Business


Women have been disproportionately affected by job loss during the pandemic, while others have had to resign to care for family members.  Then there are all that ladies that have re-evaluated their current roles over the last year and determined it is time to pivot. As a result, many women are or will be looking […]

Why does having a conversation about money and our worth as an employee induce more anxiety than a wisdom tooth extraction?  Many women I know will go to any length to avoid directly asking for a raise, often staying in a position where they are not valued for far too long or even just finding […]

Show Me the Money! Tips on Asking for a Raise


I know many of the moms on this site are working moms and mompreneurs, so I wanted to take a moment today to talk today to drop a marketer’s lens on our personal brands. In the grand scheme of things in today’s digital world, we all are who Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, […]

Social Media & Your Personal Brand


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