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An early adopter of Etsy before pivoting into a brick-and-mortar business and opening KIN, a modern mystical shop to Des Moines, Heather Ann Roe has followed her dreams, taken some risks, and encountered her fair share of challenges on her entrepreneurship journey. Listen in to learn how she built a business that invites people into […]

Modern Mysticism with Heather Ann Roe

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How is Dr. Miranda Lawrence leaning into her medical training and her personal health experiences to build the future of functional medicine? Listen in on this week’s episode to learn how she has expanded her Flourish Hormone Replacement & Wellness Centers practice to three locations across the Eastern US, focusing on bio-identical hormone replacement and […]

Building the Future of Functional Medicine with Dr. Miranda Lawrence

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Single mothers and their children experience the highest rates of poverty among families in Wyoming. That’s why Molly Kruger and her team spend their days helping single mothers with low income achieve self-sufficiency through career training and placement. As the COO at Climb Wyoming, a nonprofit founded in 1986 which operates in six locations across […]

Creating Confidence & Self-Sufficiency with Molly Kruger

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Heather and Brian Byers started Great Plains Nursery in Weston, NE with a passion for growing and planting native trees and shrubs and educating others on the importance of native plants for the ecosystem. Fifteen years later, they feel a stronger sense of stewardship than ever and take pride in being ecologically responsible in their contributions to the […]

Remember when you were a new mom and you were tired, and overwhelmed, and searching for your village to give you a break, to lift you up, to remind you that someday everyone will sleep again? Those early days are hard, but the days following can be too. To support new moms and empower them […]

Supporting Moms. Strengthening Families. with Kai Forsley

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Born and raised in Mumbai, India before spending time in Canada and eventually making her home in the US, Cherie Scott could never find a simmer sauce that replicated the flavors of her early years. Reflecting back on the scent of the sauce, the combination of spices, the nostalgia of cooking with family, Cherie saw […]

Family Flavor from a World Away with Cherie Scott

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In this week’s episode, Maria Gus of Visit Bartlesville is serving up tips for building local tourism and sharing ideas for fun family adventures. She’s also filling us in on her career journey, talking about her favorite side gigs, and spilling the tea on what happens when Hollywood comes to town to make movies! Join […]

It takes someone special to have the guts and grit to open a juice bar in a region plagued with chronic health issues, especially as a 24-year-old brand new to entrepreneurship, but T’Keyah Williams is absolutely someone special! She’s even earned an Entrepreneur of the Year award celebrating her achievements at Mama Nature’s Juice Bar, […]

Community Impact: One Cup at a Time with T’Keyah Williams

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