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When Nikki Guerrero moved from the dry southwest desert to the rich green soils of the Pacific Northwest, she searched everywhere for the flavors of home and realized that there was a real need for the fresh Mexican flavors that she grew up with. Leaning into her grandmother’s recipes, an opportunity to score shelf space […]

Farm to Table Flavor with Nikki Guerrero

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Born and raised in Mumbai, India before spending time in Canada and eventually making her home in the US, Cherie Scott could never find a simmer sauce that replicated the flavors of her early years. Reflecting back on the scent of the sauce, the combination of spices, the nostalgia of cooking with family, Cherie saw […]

Family Flavor from a World Away with Cherie Scott

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In this week’s episode, Maria Gus of Visit Bartlesville is serving up tips for building local tourism and sharing ideas for fun family adventures. She’s also filling us in on her career journey, talking about her favorite side gigs, and spilling the tea on what happens when Hollywood comes to town to make movies! Join […]

Making Memories and…Movies! with Maria Gus

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It takes someone special to have the guts and grit to open a juice bar in a region plagued with chronic health issues, especially as a 24-year-old brand new to entrepreneurship, but T’Keyah Williams is absolutely someone special! She’s even earned an Entrepreneur of the Year award celebrating her achievements at Mama Nature’s Juice Bar, […]

Come along for a conversation about Sarah Vedeler’s journey as an accidental entrepreneur. Leveraging some skills learned early in life, easing into teaching, and putting herself in the right place at the right time opened doors to opportunity as life was presenting it own serious challenges. Through it all, Sarah built Meaning of Life Designs […]

Sparking Creativity for Healing with Sarah Vedeler

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Emily Cook is a painter, jeweler and physician whose passion for art and science fuels her work, no matter the discipline. Merging left brain and right brain activities to bring a new unique blend to addressing whole health, Emily unites her interests in both art and medicine for benefits that go beyond the bounds of […]

Art + Medicine with Emily Cook, MD

Podcast Episodes

Melanie Staley grew up working in her family’s amusement park, Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire, a vision brought to life by her grandfather. Today, she is part of the third generation of family leadership, building on her family legacy, improving and innovating, and delivering pure joy, family style.  

Adrienne Paolini believes that we can raise good humans and be productive members of society, but she knows it takes a village. When she found herself far from her go-to crew and in need of support to manage her career and her family, she saw an opportunity to bring a new model to market and […]

It Takes a Village with Adrienne Paolini

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