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Big Business, Bigger Impact with Vicki Dunn-Marshall & Carissa Marshall

June 23, 2023

Vicki Dunn Marshall started working as a crew member in a Little Caesars restaurant at the age of 15, working her way up to become one of the first female supervisors for Little Caesars’ corporate office, and the first female in franchise sales. Today she is the CEO of her own VDM Management Group, which operates 24 Little Caesars restaurants and 1 Dog Haus Biergarten throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. She provides jobs for more than 500 people in her stores and has even helped five of her former employees open their own stores, either by selling them a store or by sponsoring them through their application process with the brand. It’s fair to say that she’s built a big business, but her impact has been even bigger when you hear others share how committed she has been to making a charitable impact on her community.

One very direct impact has been on her own daughter, Carissa. Carissa and her siblings grew up with an enterprising mom, and a knowledge that hard work made all things possible. In considering the next steps in her career, she knew she wanted to build something that felt uniquely her own, while still benefitting from her mom’s mentorship, so the two launched into partnership with another franchise brand, Dog Haus Biergarten. Signing a commitment to open three locations in the West Virginia market, the pair is introducing a new brand into a state that apparently has a long history of loving hot dogs! Listen in to hear our first mother-daughter pair on The Mom Shuffle podcast talk about how they do it all.