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From Research to Retailing with Suzanne Price

April 13, 2022

Seeking industry experience and saying yes to new opportunities led Suzanne Price to a corporate role researching the toxic chemicals used in consumer products. When her social circle started moving into a new season of life, Suzanne saw an opportunity to leverage her industry knowledge for the greater good and decided to open Sprout San Francisco, a boutique that specializes in baby products that are natural, organic, and free from toxins. Today, Suzanne and her team research every offering so you can be assured that the products being sourced and sold will help you build a healthier home. With non-toxic products more in-demand than ever, Suzanne has scaled her business to four Bay Area locations, a Salt Lake City showroom, and a fulfillment center for the Sprout web store, and she isn’t close to done.  She’s on a mission to make it easier for parents to shop for healthy products for their children, and she’s doing all the legwork, so we don’t have to. Listen in and learn along!

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