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Purpose, Passion & Tasty Persistence in a Pandemic with Megan Wagner

February 9, 2022

With some on-the-job training and guidance from a few key mentors, Megan Wagner was built to be a pastry chef. When a life-changing opportunity arose as the result of a friend’s illness, Megan’s purpose gained new direction and led her to pursue entrepreneurship. Running on passion and the excitement of those early days of building a new operation, she was striding into a sweet spot until the pandemic changed it all. This week, we visit Dream Maker Bakers in Killington, Vermont, Megan’s bakery and cafe where she and her team churn out delicious daily treats, incredible cakes, and dessert buffets. We’re talking about the sacrifices she has made building the business and the challenges she, and many other business owners, still face in today’s unique environment. And we drop the mom filter on to talk about the impacts on her family, the commitment she has made to aim for better balance this year, and what it has taken to persist through it all.

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