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Building This Business is a Family Affair with Farrah Haidar & Hala Yassine

January 26, 2022

For sisters Farrah Haidar and Hala Yassine, building a family business comes with clear parameters that keep both the business and their sibling relationship at their best. From their cafe in Johns Creek, Georgia, these savvy sisters whip up sweet, savory, and seasonal treats to ship from Seven Sisters Scones. We’re talking about how the family rallied to convince Hala that her snackable scones were something worthwhile, how she tested the market to prove she had a viable concept, and how she recruited Farrah to be her partner in building the business. We also talk about their strategies for ongoing product development and marketing, discuss their commitment to continue operating and employing their team through the pandemic, and learn how they engage the rest of the family, seven sisters and beyond.

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