Imposter Syndrome…What’s Working Now

September 10, 2021

A guest post from Jess Critchlow of Light Up Work, our guest on episode 9 of The Mom Shuffle podcast. If you’ve ever suffered from imposter syndrome or struggled with confidence (and who hasn’t?!), episode 10 is a must listen. Find it here.


Here’s a round up of the tips and techniques that I’m using now to work around my imposter syndrome gremlin.

The highlights from this quick tips & tricks video are:

  1. You’re not alone, we all get it

  2. Yes you need MORE professional development, of course, it’s simply not a prerequisite to doing your thing

  3. Be a contributor, not an expert (courtesy of Denise Duffield-Thomas)

  4. Notice when it’s being done TO you with micro actions

  5. Check your stories, pick one that gets you into meaningful action

  6. Check yourself: you’re not THAT good at fooling people!


Jess has so much more good stuff on her blog. You can see all of her posts here.

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