Using Social Media to Support Small Business

August 15, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a big impact on small businesses. So, if you find yourself scrolling social media channels today, spend a few minutes to build up your favorite small businesses in your community:
1. Head over to their Facebook page or Instagram profile and give it a follow if you haven’t already. On Facebook, you can leave them a review about your previous experience at their location. On Instagram, journey through their feed and show some love.
2. Choose a post on their Facebook page and share it for your network to see. Do they have an event scheduled for the fall? Have they released a new line of products or launched an online store? What have they posted that you can help them get in front of additional eyeballs? On Instagram, tag some friends in post comments to share things you think they’ll love.
3. Find a photo of yourself/your family/your friends enjoying something from the business, post it to their Facebook page, or share it to a Facebook or Instagram story to show others what they have to offer.
4. Invite local family and friends (or even distant ones if the business ships!) to like their Facebook page and help them grow their social network. A larger audience now means a larger potential customer base during these challenging times.
Supporting small businesses doesn’t always mean having to buy (though do that when you can!). Sometimes, you can do a little good right from that device in the palm of your hand.
~ Colleen

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