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Hobbies Keep Me Whole

March 17, 2021

Being a mom can be all consuming.  How do you keep the work-life flow AND have time for yourself?  I have started to find what I call Minutes for Me. During the time after school, a few days a week that I let my son watch TV for an hour, (hey he needs to unwind after a long day of school too) I choose one of my hobbies to focus on.  I love hobbies. I’m sort of a jack of all hobbies complete with a calligraphy pen, jewelry pliers, paintbrush, and sewing machine. I sit at my dining room table and create. I make jewelry. I sew myself some leggings. I color or pick up my calligraphy pen.  Taking that time for myself is my meditation. It enables me to get a part of myself back that sometimes goes missing being a working mama.

If you can’t do an hour, start with just 10 minutes.  Grab an adult coloring book from the dollar store, put on some music, and just color.  Think about the things you used to love to do when you had all that free time before kids.  Make a list, find materials, and just get started. I don’t always love what I make, but I always love the time I take for me.  You will find your groove and you’ll be smiling while doing it. When I’m creating, I’m happy. When I’m happy, I’m a better mom.

~ Shanna


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