Five Things I’ve Learned as a Band Mom

April 24, 2020

My journey as a band mom began three years ago. Over the years, there’s a few important things I’ve learned about being an official band mom.
1. Marching band takes up a ton of time. For 6-8 months during the year, there’s practices two to three nights per week and competitions every Saturday (occasionally Sunday’s as well).
2. You will spend money. New marching shoes, trip fees, tickets to enter the competition, money spent on candy or air grams at every competition, it adds up quickly.
3. There’s a very good chance you’ll find yourself stepping up into a role you never imagined taking. This is why I’m the President of the Parent’s Association for the second year.
4. Show music never leaves your head. You will constantly find yourself humming the show music without even thinking about it. There’s really no way around this; you hear the show performed on a constant loop throughout the season.
5. Marching Band truly is one happy family. Some of my daughter’s best friends are band friends. The parents of the other band members will become your friends. You will cheer together, cry together, and sometimes even freeze together during competitions.
These are just a few of the many things I’ve learned throughout the years. As any band parent knows, some of the best things about having a child involved in a band program are truly immeasurable.
~ Michelle
Michelle is a full time working mama, raising four wonderful human beings. When she’s not working, keeping her kids in line, or taking care of band related activities, she’s usually reading or binge watching crime related Netflix shows.

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